The Scope of our work

We work for the people of the Central Africa and Great Lakes Region living both in the UK and the DRC.

In the UK

in the UK much of our work revolves around training sessions, workshops, and other activities aimed to facilitate the integration of Congolese youth into UK society and deter crime and anti-social behaviour.


In the DRC
in the DRC, our work focuses more on the education and training of victims of conflict and post-conflict trauma, particularly children, and other disadvantaged groups. In general, the main foci of the organisation include identifying and overcoming educational barriers for children, victims of conflict and other disadvantaged groups

Latest project



“Keep My land Alive” is a project that was designed by our members, especially those from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who wanted people to learn more about the relationship between British and the Congolese during the age of African exploration and colonisation in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.